Kids Family Devotionals
10 Life-Changing Minutes
Love Your Enemies Welcome to the Love Your Enemies family devotional. In this story, we learn about the heart behind God’s law.
In Jesus’ day, many religious leaders used the law to control others, and to get vengeance upon those who had wronged them.
But Jesus taught His disciples to follow God’s example of love in every situation. Instead of look on opportunity to get even, or pay back evil with evil,
Jesus said we should look to make peace and forgive. We are to treat others the way God treats us, this means loving our enemies and doing good to those who hurt us.
Family Bible Reading
Matthew 5:38-48
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Discussion Questions After you have watched the Bible video and completed your family Bible reading discuss the following questions.
1. Have you ever wanted to get even with someone?
2. What is generosity?
3. How has God loved us?
Closing Prayer
Dear God, thank You for loving us even while we were sinners. Help us to love others the ways that You love us, especially people we don’t like. We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.
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LUKE 2:1-20
At Christmas, we celebrate the good news that Jesus was born. Jesus, and the salvation we find through Him, is the greatest gift we will ever receive.
• Miraculous Birth: Many prophesies about the birth of the Messiah were recorded in Scripture. We can go through our Bibles to find them and see that His birth fulfilled them all. God made a promise, and even though it sounded impossible, He made it happen.
• Miraculous Mission: Much like the shepherds who went out to tell everyone they met about what they had witnessed the night that Jesus was born, we too have the privilege of telling others about Jesus.