“God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth” – Acts 17:26

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Ideas are like seeds. They might seem small; they might seem insignificant; they might even go unnoticed by all except those who hold them in the moment. But let there be no doubt: both ideas and seeds are incredibly powerful. From seeds dropped in fertile ground grow the mighty oaks that anchor the land, altering the course of the rivers and wind. And from ideas planted in the fertile soil of the human mind grow the thoughts and convictions of mankind, altering the course of history for the world and the individual.

To care about racial justice and racial reconciliation is to tap into the very best of the Christian story. Ours is a story that tells of a God who makes every one of His children precious in His sight. It is a story about a God who stamps His image on every person—regardless of color or ethnicity.

Apart from Christ, we were separated from God. Apart from Christ, humanity separates itself from one another. The wide lens of reconciliation between God and man also grants the reconciliation between the broken chains of humanity. In Christ, we no longer define ourselves by the color of our skin, but by shade of red blood that our Savior spilled to reconcile us.